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Bolivia Luxury Tents

Enjoy nature and remote places with comfort and luxury. We are the first company in Bolivia to  offer luxury tents. Our tents are big enough to have a double bed and have the amenities of a hotel room. You will wake up steps from nature, sunrises, lakes, mountains and wildlife. We arrive at places where it is not allowed to build hotels but to accommodate our luxury ecological service.

A room size tent

All our tents the size of a room are equipped with facilities such as beds, bed sheets, coffee maker, heater/fan, chairs and many details to make your stay a truly comfortable experience. You will have enough space to relax and move. The tents have capacity for several people who enter and move standing comfortably inside them..

Enviroment Friendly

All our tents are taking care not to damage the environment, we put total emphasis on keeping the environment free of pollution and damage, as we reach national parks and protected areas of vital importance in the territory of Bolivia. We believe in responsible tourism that takes care of the environment. All visits to destinations are made in full coordination with local authorities.

The luxury experiences offered by Bolivia Milenaria are authentic activities all linked by a common thread – extreme comfort while enjoying what Bolivia has to offer.

Get a Sample Programme

We tailor every programme to suit our clients needs, non the less we´d like to send you a sample programme for your glamping experience.