Our Pillars

Here at Bolivia Luxury Tours our commitment is always people and place before profit 

While our heart remains to our ancient heritage, our vision goes beyond the periphery – looking for a bright new future we can all share together.  We recognize that the luxury travel market has shifted, that high-end travelers crave more than fly and flop destinations, private butlers, and kingly beds. That while all these things can be wonderful – the modern world brings with it a desire for greater connection, cultural insights, and creative approaches to discovery. Responsible tourism through the luxury lens is the foundation on which we have built our company. Through commitment to the pillars etched out below, we can curate life-changing experiences in these rare and unrefined lands.

Without being hemmed in by traditional five-star style, we bring to light a certain brand of luxury – one that puts sustainability, artful service, and the pleasure of people first.