The Difference

Bolivia is our home and we are deeply invested in wanting to nurture long-term loving relationships between the land, the locals, and those who journey to experience our great tapestried country. We take a fully personal approach to mapping out amazing itineraries for each and every client. At Bolivia Luxury Tours we live and breathe by the term tailor-made. From the second someone connects, we work on building a beautifully immersive experience, custom created around your deepest expectations and desires. In a country of 36 different ethnic groups, we celebrate diversity. We understand that each client is utterly unique and rest assured we can weave together a world of wonders every time you touch down on the riches of Bolivian soil.

Meet the Team

Janette Simbrón

Ceo & Founder

Janette has long been dedicated to sharing Bolivia with the world. A graduate in both cultural anthropology and psychology, she is devoted to responsible tourism and how a philanthropic approach to business can form deeper connections and help to protect and preserve important cultural identities. As an innovative thought-leader in destination marketing, Janette brings her pure passion and creative touch to the programs and carefully thought-out circuits at Bolivia Luxury Tours. Janette is always nurturing on the ground growth here in Bolivia along with traveling to build international relations across the far-flung globe.

Javier Villamil

Operations Manager & Founder

Javier is our dedicated leader of the operations team. He is the one who helps facilitate dreams for our clients coming true. Blending his creative approach to tourism with his love for the lilt of languages, and impeccable organizational skills, Javier is the go-to on the ground person who assists our guests with everything, both big and small requirements. Javier has an uncanny ability to problem solve in seconds, and to intuitively know what clients need to make the most of their time here in Bolivia. Javier holds a Bachelors in tourism and a Bachelors in law. He speaks German, Italian, and English.

Mariel Mendoza

Quality Manager & Control

Mariela understands that life behind a desk doesn’t lead to seeking out those special people and sacred places, which is why she travels to every corner of the country to source the finest hotels, restaurants, and experiences for our elite clientele. Boasting a deep understanding of the Bolivia Luxury Tours way, Mariela has razor sharp focus when it comes to curating partnerships with brands that beautifully align with our own core values. Her Bachelors in Business Administration, and post graduate qualification in Quality and Service,  provide an amazing foundation for these rare itineraries to bloom.

Without being hemmed in by traditional five-star style, we bring to light a certain brand of luxury – one that puts sustainability, artful service, and the pleasure of people first.