What We Offer

At Bolivia Luxury Tours we hand-make individual expeditions to perfectly complement the lifestyle and interests of our comfort seeking clients. We celebrate the fact that everyone is different and believe that no two experiences should be the same. This is why we leave no limits on what we can offer when it comes to planning and executing incredible adventures in Bolivia. Whether you want to lose yourself in the cultural rhythms of city color or if you prefer serene sojourns stashed deep in the plunging hills, we can connect you to the coordinates that form a fabulous constellation of this country.


There’s a saying that canvas walls is all you need if you have love, and while we adore the sentiment, we love to sprinkle a little more luxury on our glamping experiences. As innovative leaders in ethical luxury, we specialize in first-class glamping adventures. Our beautifully constructed tents are not only a soft and cozy place to rest your head, but they enable you to travel to some of Bolivia’s most remote and inspiring spots free from the hemmed in nature of traditional travel arrangements.

Each tent is woven to be generous in space, boasting a handsome double bed dressed in crisp linen sheets, a heater or fan depending on the season, a morning coffee maker, and delectable little details that turn your tent into an elegant oasis.

One of the main reasons we adore our tents is their magical ability to leave not a trace on their surrounding environment. Fully sustainable and eco-conscious, these incredible moveable hotel rooms mean that our guests are able to flutter to sleep right on the mirrored salt flats, perched atop craggy Andean peaks, and listening to the call of midnight monkeys just a few feet away. When you choose a glamping experience with Bolivia Luxury Tours, you aren’t just in nature – you are nature.

Boutique Hotels

Having one member of our team committed to quality control and a little black book full of contacts, at Bolivia Luxury Tours we are privileged to be able to form partnerships with the best boutique hotels the country has to offer. While the ethereal Salar de Uyuni is one of our country’s crowning jewels, the spirit of Bolivia is served with more than a pinch of salt, and we have exceptional places to stay in every far-flung corner.

From the art and potion making capital of pretty La Paz where chic museums, trendy restaurants, and narrow walkways meander through the clouds to the rip-roaring adrenaline of cycling down Death Road, riverside sunsets watching capybaras rough and tumble, and sipping mountain clear wines in the Tarija region – Bolivia is a chocolate box of discovery.

Our hand-selected hotels gift guests the chance to have close encounters with local people without compromising on an inch of comfort. The places we form select partnerships with often call on the inspiration of local heritage in approach to design and detail. Small scale luxury is always our preference and passion as we believe that intimacy is the key to a truly personable experience that connects you with place.


You never truly know a place until you have tasted it’s soul. From the cold clear peaks of the Andes to the rainbow bright colors and textures of La Paz, the ripe scent of the Highlands, and the humid dark heart of the jungle – having so many landscapes means that Bolivia boasts an endless array of tantalizing tastes.

Locally cured llama that melts on the tongue, warm baked cunape’s on lazy afternoons, poached trout feasts fresh from Lake Titicaca, whole hogs slow roasted over flickering flame for days, and spicy sweet chuflay cocktails that go down a treat – Bolivia has perfected the art of its culinary heart.

Discovering the dreamy gastronomy in Bolivia is about more than just flavor – it invites you to unravel the heritage, history, and beating heart of the country and its many evocative landscapes and lost tribes. La Paz is teeming with chic restaurants pulling in world-class international chefs keen to add color to their tasting palate. Across the rest of the country, the finest homecooked tasting adventures, ripe coffee and chocolate experiences, and exceptionally crafted cocktails and market tours are all waiting to entice you to plunge deeper into the sensory sojourn of Bolivia.


Bolivia Luxury Tours is all about cultivating rarity when it comes to experiential travel of our sacred and very special homeland. As native Bolivians with a fully-fledged understanding of international luxury, we are well-versed when it comes to selecting top-tier adventures that align beautifully with each clients tailored interests.

Whether private after-hour tours of the finest museums to wildlife trekking through jungle thickets with local zoologists, following the footsteps of the Inca’s with the country’s most celebrated paleontologists, and expressive encounters with local tribes and communities – we use our finest resources to paint a full spectrum when showcasing the bounty of Bolivia.

Every moment with us rewrites the rule book when it comes to the art of experience. From private chef suppers beneath the diamond bright peaks of the Palca Canyon to creeping through the deepest dinosaur caves of Toro Toro, close encounters with silent jaguars, lazy afternoons soaked in vineyard tipples, and all the time and sublime space you need to truly untangle what makes Bolivia so special.


Stand on the shoulders of giants as you hike the Andean peaks, drift downstream keeping one eye peeled for Caiman and Capybaras along the winding Amazon and ride the red line cables that takes you high above the skyline of lovely La Paz. Whether you choose to explore on two wheels, two feet, or a whole host of evocative and creative ways; no days are ever the same with Bolivia Luxury Tours.

For us, even the most minute details make up our daily operations. We know that life-changing travel experiences come from when our clients are in a state of deep relaxation and unbridled joy. To facilitate that we ensure that every thread of your Bolivian adventure has been seamlessly put together – without a snag to cause undue stress. From on the ground transport to cruising seamlessly through the clouds, we deliver first-class comfort when it comes to luxury travel logistics.

Red lagoons littered with pink flamingos, stone trees that blossom beneath desert skies, steaming geysers that shoot out from the center of the universe, and landscapes seemingly carved from Dali’s hand himself – traversing the wild and varied sites of Bolivia can be a challenge, but etching out lofty luxury in some of nature’s final frontiers is our specialty.

Without being hemmed in by traditional five-star style, we bring to light a certain brand of luxury – one that puts sustainability, artful service, and the pleasure of people first.